Xanigo Marine Atomizers W/Xanigo Mold and Mildew Preventer 128oz

By Xanigo

A Fast and Effective Way To Disinfect Any Space with Cordless Disinfecting Power!

Silicone  quaternary  ammonium  salts like Xanigo Mold and Mildew Preventer clearly have an  edge  in  the  battle  against  mildew. These  products  are  effective  at  lower doses  than  the  alkaline  treatments, and  after  drying,  they  offer  significantly better water resistance than the typically broad-spectrum biostats and in many cases are registered with the Environmental  Protection  Agency  as used as directed and are approved for a very wide range of applications.  

Custom Nozzle Design

  • Allows for a powerful, 30 degree spray pattern, creating a uniform micron droplet size above 40 and covering large areas Quickly

Superior Atomization

  • Disperses Liquid Uniformly, with a consistent droplet size, allowing for superior efficacy while eliminating the need to wipe excess liquids

Cordless Disinfecting Power

  • High performance and safe battery design with premium cell pack for long power and life.
  • Includes a single 2.0amp slide pack battery and charger with convenient charge indicator lights.
  • Allows for the atomizer to be quickly and easily disassembled for routine cleaning/maintenance.

Corded Disinfecting Power

  • With a current draw of 4.6amps the atomizer can run on standard outlets with long extension cords. Up to 3 per circuit.
  • Long power cord enables easy access to hard to reach places